Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is the key to safeguard the interests of stakeholders and shareholders. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance practices by emphasizing a quality board of directors, a sound internal control system. We also endeavour to act in an ethical, transparent and accountable way.
Code of Conduct

Quality Board of Directors

Vinda’s Board comprises twelve Directors (5 Executive Directors, 3 Non-Executive Directors and 4 Independent Non-Executive Directors). It formulates overall strategies and policies, ensures the availability of adequate capital and managerial resources to implement the strategies adopted, the adequacy of systems of financial and internal control and the conduct of business in conformity with applicable laws and regulations. The Board members are fully committed to their roles and have always acted in the best interests of the Group and its shareholders at all times. Board meetings are held regularly at approximately quarterly intervals and also held on ad hoc basis as required by business needs. Regular Board meetings and ad hoc Board meetings are attended by Directors in person or through other electronic means of communication. In addition, special Board meetings are convened from time to time for the Board to discuss issues that require the Board’s timely attention. Since the special Board meetings are concerned with the day-to-day management of the Company which often requires prompt decisions, usually only the Executive Directors and senior management attend the meetings.


“Integrity” is one of Vinda’s core principles. Comprehensive systems, rules, procedures and standards are in place for a stringent control on matters relating to product quality, production process, product safety, human resources, environmental protection, corporate governance and risk management, and are updated in a regular manner to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations as well as integrity in business operation. Vinda’s internal control unit formulates the internal control system, code of conduct and guidelines in reference to the laws and regulations at both national and provincial levels as well as the rules and regulations of both The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and guidelines issued by the Securities and Futures Commission. Vinda also governs various aspects of its operation to combat malpractices including fraud, corruption, breach of confidentiality and insider trading. The internal control unit is also responsible for combating frauds and formulating the procedure for reporting malpractices. Its tasks include receiving reports on malpractices, investigation of and reporting on the cases and making recommendations on how to handle such cases.

Internal Control

Vinda consistently enhances its governance structure and strengthens risk management. Vinda internal control unit regularly update internal control policies which reflects latest regulatory requirement, assesses and analyzes the risk factors and exercises effective control to ensure sound governance. Risk management committee also holds regular meetings to consider, review and approve risk management strategies, policies and guidelines.

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